Guadalajara, Mexico

Since 2008, Listen to My Pictures has funded two photography projects in Guadalajara, the capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco. Both projects were organized in partnership with CODENI, a local non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of Jalisco’s most vulnerable and marginalized children.

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Gulu-Project Pic

Gulu, Uganda

“It ended up being 3 groups of students from 3 different community areas in Gulu… Our students were all at risk youth – child soldiers, orphans, child headed households. Using photography was a more indirect way for them to express themselves without feeling they were making themselves vulnerable, which is not entirely culturally accepted.”

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BIGOWE, Rwanda

In 2009, eight students, from the small village of Bigogwe in Western Rwanda, met every other day for class instruction and photography expeditions into the local community. Their photographs and autobiographies express both the beauty and hardship of life in a region severely affected by the 1994 genocide and the 2007 floods.

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Site Renovation

Please pardon our appearance as we renovate our website. Over the coming months, we will be uploading archived material from past projects. We look forward to sharing our students’ photography with you!

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