We are constantly looking to expand our operations into new regions. We believe that children in all the forgotten corners of the world, from the war-ravaged region of Gulu to the confines of farms in rural Vermont, have important stories to tell.

To be a project leader, you must first display a desire to work closely with your selected students with the goal of providing basic photography training. We recommend that this take place over a period of no less than one week. A project leader and his or her staff must then have the capacity and willingness to collect the “stories” or captions that accompany the work. This can occur as the students take the photos or during the follow-up visit.

A project leader should already be situated “in-country” as, unfortunately, we cannot provide funding for transportation to the project-site or housing and living expenses during the project’s duration. Listen to my Pictures will supply cameras, cover the cost of processing and printing, and provide lesson plans to facilitate the project. We will also incorporate your students’ photos into our online gallery, complete with their story and the opportunity for people worldwide to support your community by buying prints. Money raised through the sale of prints will be used for scholarships for photographers. All overhead expenses of Listen to my Pictures are covered by the Board.

If you are interested in leading a project with Listen to my Pictures and/or would like to receive our Project Overview Guide for more information, please contact us.